The Sound of Decay w/ Webstarr

Webstarr suggested decay and we both thought of the same area of Hull when discussing it for the artwork! Some abandoned factories in East Hull over the river, when I lived there I thought that area was really cool, especially as they were just left there as empty space. I’ve been wanting to do a Read More

The Sound of Muzak w/ Nakayama Munetoshi

If you’ve listened to my shows before, or if you’ve come to/know of New Atlantis, you’ll know that I often play music which is considered ‘background’ or ambient etc.. I chose the term ‘muzak’ to represent that but I also wanted to look at background music in a more abstract way. At the time I Read More

The Sound of the Elements w/ JQ

Joe and I decided to do the Elements after he showed me some great tunes with lots of water sounds. We decided to do the show as 15 min segments, each with us doing our half on each of the elements. Here’s mine: Air: The air segment is (of course) quite light and floaty, whilst Read More

The Sound of Thought w/ Gaba

India’s Mix: This show was a bit of a special one for me, I asked my best mate Gaba to be the guest for it and we chose the theme of thought to represent both of our academic past (we both did Philosophy at Hull Uni), and to represent what we spent most of our Read More

The Sound of Fantasy w/ TSVI

India’s Mix This mix for me is an ode to my summer. I’ve had one of the best summer’s of my life (very much contrasting last year’s The Sound of Summer show!) and I really wanted to capture this in a mix. What I take to be fantasy for this show is more about my Read More

The Sound Reflection w/ T_A_M

This time of year was always going to be a bit reflective for me. It was around the time last year that I was very introspective and doing a lot of self development stuff. Have a read back from The Sound of Summer and The Sound of Calm and that will give you a good Read More

The Sound of Distance w/ Yamaneko

One of the first things Yamaneko and I spoke about when he chose this theme was it’s versatility – there’s so much you can do with it. That’s one thing we both came to realise when we put ours together, although some of our approaches were similar, others were completely different, I suppose that’s the Read More

The Sound of Colour w/ Deadboy

The Sound of Colour India’s Mix: This month’s theme was inspired by Deadboy’s NTS show and all of the New Atlantis artwork – lots of colour! Big thanks to him for the guest mix, such a great selection. [If you haven’t already checked it, New Atlantis is a new age/ambient social at Rye Wax I’ll Read More

The Sound of Other Worlds w/ Murlo

India’s Mix: After hearing Murlo’s play his edit of a Chrono Trigger tune at New Atlantis, we got talking about music from alternative realities and came up with this theme. I really like the idea of using music to portray other worlds; since the music is created in our world it becomes almost metaphysical and Read More

The Sound of Time w/ Tom Lea

India’s Mix: I’ve wanted to do a theme around time for a long time so I was super excited when Tom Lea and I decided to do it. Perception of time and music are massively interlinked, there’s tonnes of research that looks into how different tempos affect how we perceive time. For example, music is Read More

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