Author: India Jordan

The Sound of Spring

  Winter was nearly over and I was getting excited about the fact it wouldn’t be as cold and so wanted to make a mix for the start of Spring. The first tune (Dusk by Siavash Amini) symbolises the end of winter, it’s quite a dark tune and I wanted to show a transition from Read More

The Sound of Evolution

A Biologist friend of mine suggested this, I was pretty daunted at first as it’s not a very musical concept but I ended up going on a great research journey. I found that there is a clear correlation between the evolution of mankind and its relationship with music – without music, we wouldn’t be as Read More

The Sound of Sleep

The Sound of Sleep  The first of my themed mixes. I had wanted to make a mix similar to this for a while, something featuring lots of relaxing and dreamy tunes. As I was putting this together my main aim was to try and make it sound like the stages of a dream. The first Read More

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